Answers to all of your questions about Carmen.


✓    Picnic basket and snacks
✓    Blankets, cushions and low-rise chairs*
    Non-alcoholic drinks
    Plastic (or non-glass) drinking cups


X    Alcohol
X    Glassware
X    High Chairs*
X    BBQs and Lanterns
X    Umbrellas, tents and marquees
X    Pets (working animals permitted)

*If you have to use a higher chair, you will be asked to sit toward the back of the picnic area to ensure other patrons can see adequately.


How do I get in?
Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga will be fenced off around its perimeter. Entry to the event will be from Eastern and Western ends of Reconciliation Plaza (see map).

Can I buy tickets on site?
Tickets will be available from the box offices at both East and West entries (see map).

What time should I get there?
The gates open at 6:00pm, performance starts at 7:30pm. We suggest you plan on arriving early as big crowds are expected.

Will there be road closures?
Reconciliation Plaza will be blocked off between North and South Victoria Square from 4:00pm to 12:00am. 

Can I bring a chair?
Southern Square is a designated general admission picnic area for you to enjoy with friends and family. You can bring low picnic chairs, blankets and cushions.

The Northern Square has reserved seating with Platinum, Premium, A, B and C Reserve.

What if I have a wheelchair/mobility issues?
Northern Square – Please ask a Front of House staff member (in the red t-shirts) if you need assistance getting to your seat.

Southern Square – General Admission. You are welcome to watch the show from anywhere in the Southern section that is comfortable for you. A dedicated viewing area will be made available for patrons in wheelchairs and those who have mobility issues. Please make yourself known to Front of House staff should you wish to use this area.




Are toilets available on site?
Temporary toilets (including access toilets) will be available on both Northern and Southern ends of the Square.

Is there an ATM on site?
There are no ATM’s in Victoria Square, however, there are plenty of ATM’s close by.

Is there first aid on site?
There will be dedicated first aid on site at both ends of the square for the event as well as security to ensure a fun and safe experience to all guests. Refer to our FOH staff if you need anything during the event.

What if I lose something during the event?
The Box Office will also act as a lost property point and a missing and found children’s location.




What if it is bad weather?
Carmen in the Square is an all-weather event.
We will try our best to persevere in rain or wind however if the situation is dangerous or uncomfortable for patrons and performers the concert may be cancelled (and cannot be rescheduled). If we can continue with the performance, please note that the quality of the sound may be affected. Please bring a raincoat if rain is forecast.

Bag Checks
Please be prepared to participate in a bag search upon entrance. In order to enter quickly, we advise you to travel lightly.

Any recording, photography or filming of the performance is prohibited.