Adelaide Festival Centre’s car park is closed. Alternative parking is available around the city.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s car park closed permanently on 1 January 2017 to allow for the construction of the new car park and redevelopment of Festival Plaza.

We understand how important parking is for our patrons so the centre have teamed up with Wilson Parking to offer a discounted rate at Wilson Adelaide Central car park (225 North Terrace). Click here for more information.

There are many parking options around the Adelaide Riverbank including on North Terrace and at Adelaide Oval. Please review the precinct’s wayfinding map before selecting a parking location appropriate for your journey and venue destination.

An accessible drop off area with two disability access parking spaces is accessible from Montefiore Road via Festival Drive (west).

Additional Information

Festival Drive – Road Closure Advice
Festival Drive is closed from King William Road. For more information about temporary road closures in Adelaide Riverbank, click here.

Shows at Festival Theatre

The Mikado <br><h6>9-23 Nov</h6>

October 31, 2019

The Mikado

9-23 Nov
Madama Butterfly <br><h6>Nov 14-23</h6>

October 29, 2019

Madama Butterfly

Nov 14-23
Wallis Giunta <br><h6>6 Dec</h6>

August 21, 2019

Wallis Giunta

6 Dec
Madeline Lee <br><h6>4-5 Oct</h6>

August 21, 2019

Madeline Lee

4-5 Oct
Christina’s World <br><h6>2-3 Aug</h6>

August 21, 2019

Christina’s World

2-3 Aug
Boojum! <br><h6>5-6  Jul</h6>

August 21, 2019


5-6 Jul
Girls’ Night Out <br><h6>9 Aug</h6>

August 21, 2019

Girls’ Night Out

9 Aug
Carmen In The Square <br><h6>23 March</h6>

23 March

Carmen In The Square

23 March
Cunning Little Vixen <br><h6>18-25 May</h6>

September 24, 2018

Cunning Little Vixen

18-25 May
King Arthur <br><h6>18-19 Feb</h6>

September 21, 2018

King Arthur

18-19 Feb
Le Salon <br><h6>11 Jan</h6>

September 16, 2018

Le Salon

11 Jan
Ian Bostridge <br><h6>13 Sept</h6>

September 15, 2018

Ian Bostridge

13 Sept
Morgan Pearse <br><h6>6 Apr</h6>

September 13, 2018

Morgan Pearse

6 Apr