Johann Strauss Jnr (1825-1899)


Revenge is a dish best served cold, so they say, but rarely has it been this funny! Following a sold out season in the Opera Studio in 2016, David Lampard’s sparkling production of Strauss’s immortal operetta Die Fledermaus (The Bat) made its mainstage debut in Her Majesty’s Theatre. Set in modern times on the east coast of the USA, it’s a tale of the rich and idle behaving very badly. Dr Falke wants revenge against his ‘friend’ Gabriel von Eisenstein, for a party stunt that left Falke red faced and underdressed, and so he hatches a plot. The rather wealthy Eisenstein has also been misbehaving and is on his way to serve jail time for assault. Meanwhile, his beautiful wife Rosalinda, a Hollywood Boulevard boutique shopaholic, is getting bored with the marriage. Enter an old flame in the form of her passionate, opera singing, Italian ex-lover Alfredo, add in a serving maid with stars in her eyes and stir it all up at a party being held by the androgynous Prince Orlofsky and you have a recipe for comedy operetta at its best.

Another champagne? Why not!