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Don Giovanni

“Don Giovanni- Sassy, Sexy, Passionate!

Festival Theatre

23 May - 30 May 2015

Don Giovanni is a young Spanish nobleman, notorious throughout Europe as a seducer of women. He is assisted reluctantly by his manservant, Leporello. One lady, Donna Anna, pursues Giovanni from her house, rousing her father the Commendatore, who challenges Giovanni to a duel and is killed. Donna Anna and her fiance Don Ottavio vow revenge on the unknown assailant. Another lady, Donna Elvira of Burgos, claims that Giovanni is her husband and has followed him to Seville, where she foils his seduction of Zerlina, a peasant bride-to-be. Elvira joins forces with Anna and Ottavio and, disguised as masked revellers, they attend a ball being given by Giovanni, at which Zerlina and her bridegroom Masetto are also present. Once again, Giovanni tries to seduce Zerlina but is foiled amidst general condemnation.

Graham Abbott
Julie Edwardson
Carl Friedrich Oberle
Lighting Designer
Nigel Levings

Don Giovanni
Grant Doyle
Douglas McNicol
Donna Anna
Sharon Prero
Donna Elvira
Teresa La Rocca
Don Ottavio
Virgilio Marino
Steven Gallop
Gisele Blanchard
Jeremy Tatchell

State Opera Chorus
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra