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Einstein On The Beach

β€œ1234, 123456, 12345678”

Her Majesty's Theatre

07 Aug - 21 Aug 2014

A quiet three note organ introduction and repeated numbers from the chorus. With this simple opening, the vast canvas that is Einstein on the Beach is slowly revealed. The simple diatonic chords challenging and exhausting. Einstein on the Beach is a tour-de-force for singers, instrumentalists, dancers and audiences alike.


The simple yet effective movements of the excellent State Opera Chorus making them truly part of the production

Limelight Brett Allen-Bayes

It is a very clever production, a rich integration of light and shadows, dance and gesture, singing and sound that contribute like daubs of paint on a canvas to create an impressionist portrait of many of the things that made Einstein tick

Bachtrack Brian Angus

Timothy Sexton
Director & Choreographer
Leigh Warren
Mary Moore
Lighting Designer
Geoff Cobham


State Opera Chorus
Leigh Warren Dancers
Adelaide Art Orchestra