State Opera South Australia invites you to support the place of an individual young person at the State Opera South Australia Opera Winter School through the donation of a scholarship. With your tax-deductible gift of $1,000 you can elect to fund and name a scholarship that will be allocated to a student who achieves a high ranking in the audition results or facilitate the attendance of a talented student with limited financial means.

This winter State Opera South Australia will be hosting a two-week performing arts education experience for our most talented secondary and tertiary opera students. State Opera South Australia takes its responsibility very seriously to provide education, opportunities, and access for young people to establish themselves in this artform we hold so dear.

Students will be required to apply and audition for the Winter School which includes an intense fortnight of vocal and music study, dramaturgy training, hair and make-up classes, movement lessons, as well as working alongside professional opera singers, creatives and staff. The Winter School culminates in three performances of Martin Wesley-Smith’s iconic genre-defying opera Boojum! presented in July at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Your gift will be instrumental in building the confidence, experience and capability within our next generation of opera singers. Your gift will allow a young person to progress the pathway to their career. Your gift will support the future of excellence in opera in South Australia.