Stuart Maunder in conversation with some of the luminary artists and creatives that have made State Opera the company it is today.

Dennis Olsen

Dennis Olsen AM is the first of our podcast interviewees

John Bolton Wood

John Bolton Wood AM, joins us for the second podcast of the series.

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell chats with Stuart and Kaspar in episode three

Thomas Edmonds

Thomas Edmonds chats with Stuart and Kaspar in episode four

Judith Henley

Judith Henley chats with Stuart about her journey around the world and back to Adelaide.

Dennis Olsen – Part 2

Dennis Olsen chats with Stuart about his extraordinary career outside of his time with State Opera

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  • Ian Johnston says:

    Your interview with Elizabeth Campbell was quite a delight. I look forward to listening to the others in this series. One I hope the company’s supporters are also enjoying as well.

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