“Speak not of love to one who knows not what it is”

“Speak not of love to one who knows not what it is”




3 MAY – 10 MAY 2014

A lively company is gathered in the house of the celebrated courtesan Violetta Valéry. The young Alfredo Germont has been brought to the party by his friend Gastone; he has long admired Violetta and during her recent illness has inquired after her health every day. Alfredo is called upon to propose a toast. Violetta asks Aldred to forget her, as she can offer him only friendship. Left alone, Violetta ponders on Alfredo’s declaration but persuades herself that it would be madness to abandon the life of pleasure she now leads.


This is an impressive performance of an opera with enduring appeal to opera newbies and experts alike.

Glam AdelaideEmily Morris


Violetta Valery Elvira Fatykhova
Flora Bervoix Deborah Caddy
Alfredo Germont Aldo Di Toro
Gastone Adam Goodburn
Giorgio Germont Mario Bellanova
Barone Douphol
 Jeremy Tatchell
Marchese dÓbigny Robert England
Dottore Grenvil Thomas Millhouse
Annina Naomi Hede
Giuseppe Norbert Hohl
A Messenger & Servant Andrew Turner

State Opera Chorus
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra


Conductor Nicholas Carter
Director Kate Cherry
Design Christina Smith
Lighting Design Matt Scott
Choreographer / Dancer Aidan Munn