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State Opera South Australia X fencesitter


In order to mark the much-anticipated return of VOSS to the Adelaide stage after 30 years in the wilderness State Opera have collaborated with a local Adelaide jewellery brand fencesitter to create a pair of limited-edition earrings and brooch.

Being a proud South Australian brand ourselves it was important to work with someone local, who shared our passion for art and beauty and who could help us create a true keepsake. When we approached Heather at fencesitter with this bold brief, she immediately grasped our vision and a partnership was born.

Inspired by the line drawings of Voss and Laura, each piece is hand crafted in Adelaide out of gold-plated wire and the fittings are nickel free and suitable for sensitive ears.

Being made to order, each piece is unique and can take 2 weeks to come into being. Like a good story the end is worth the journey getting there.

This truly is a timeless memento of one of Australia’s greatest operas. A wonderful gift for a loved one, or for yourself!

A little about our collaborator:

My name is Heather and I’m the 24 year old Adelaide woman (she/her) behind fencesitter. Fencesitter is an Adelaide based jewellery brand with a focus on handmade and recycled pieces with a story. I received an email about this collaboration during Adelaide’s 7 day lockdown – an exciting project during an uncertain time. When designing my handmade pieces, I work by the rule “If you can draw it in one line, you can make it with wire”. The Voss illustration is complex, but I knew I could integrate enough loops to sketch it in one go. I’m really happy with the finished project, it toes the line between jewellery and art. I find the creativity and problem solving associated with commissions and collaborations the most rewarding. I have a strong theatre background, I was drama captain at school and went to acting school for a year. There I developed a particular interest in vocal training – I almost pursued voice coaching as a career. It’s very exciting to be exploring collaborations within an industry I love dearly.