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Ben Flett


Ben Flett is a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ theatre maker who will turn his hand to anything. Carpenter, painter, engineer, manager, cook and sometimes musician, he revels in the variety that life in the theatre provides and subscribes to JFK’s proposition that art should ‘nourish the roots of our culture…’. Apart from a couple of aberrant years managing properties for a prestigious private school, he has effectively been working in the theatre industry since adulthood. Career highlights include making theater for 4-to-8-year-olds as production manager for Patch Theatre Company (2014 to 2018), designing the lighting for State Theater Company SA’s Beckett Triptych (Footfalls and Krapp’s Last Tape), and the technical management and lighting design for Barrio, the highly successful Adelaide Festival outdoor venue (2012, 2013). Ben is in this to find out who he is, by asking who we are, by asking where we’ve been, to understand where we are, and what that might mean.

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