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Jess' Unforgettable Classics

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By Stage Manager, Jess Nash

My playlist in a sentence: “Dive in deep for the moments that make you think”

La Forza del Destino Overture, Verdi

First opera I ever worked on 7yrs ago. I still remember the adrenaline, excitement and slight terror I had each night. This overture sums that up for me.

Rigoletto, E Amabile invero, Verdi

I had my secondment on this opera, and it was the deciding point for me that I wanted to work in Opera. I still have my score, and remember where I got to jiggle the lanterns during this storm sequence in Act 3.

Faust, Alerte, Alerte, Gounod

My favourite opera to date. I love it for its drama and moments of stillness. I still get goosebumps when I hear this piece. It’s where I found my love for calling opera, and realising that this is where I belong- with all its bumps and glory.

The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra

Reminds me of my grandparents, the unconditional love they have for each other to this date. They are classic and unforgettable.

Blackbird - The Beatles

My dad played the beatles on his record player a lot when I was kid. Blackbird would always stick out for me, and make me stop and listen.

Just My Imagination - The Cranberries

Total 90’s tragic- I saw the Cranberries in an episode of Charmed and I was hooked. I had this song on repeat and would dance and sing a long in my room.

Fill my Little World, The Feeling

Makes me hopeful and smile- “show some love, you ain’t that tough come fill my little world”

The Car Song, The Cat Empire

This to me is summer, a blow up pool in the backyard, cold beer and friends.

Kinky Boots, The History of the Wrong Guys

 Story of my dating attempts!! It makes me laugh, sing out loud and remember to keep going.

Into The Woods, Children Will Listen, Sondheim

SONDHEIM! My favourite musical, I play it when I need to search for the positives- a slotted spoon can catch the potato!