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La forza del destino

Festival Theatre

12 Oct - 19 Oct 2013

Sponsored by the Friends of the State Opera of South Australia.

Love, hope, and religion fall to nothing under the evolution of its fate, and all the characters are swallowed up in merciless annihilation. The logic of destiny brings us ultimately to destruction, and the doom we have been aware of from the opera’s inception crashes down on us at last and swallows the whole drama up in the deep darkness of cosmic injustice.


The new production overwhelms with its lurid sets, elaborate costumes, and a clever directorial concept, but this is only a beautiful shell. What achieves emotive connection with the audience is the precious pearl of inspired and well-crafted music

Australian Stage Daniela Kaleva

The State Opera Chorus dressed and made up as the living dead sang their hearts out, and under Maestro Andrea Licata's direction the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra played superbly

The Advertiser Ewart Shaw

Original Director
Tama Matheson
Revival Director
Netta Yashchin
Andrea Licata
Mark Thompson
Lighting Designer
Nigel Levings
Assistant Director
Andy Packer
Rob MacPherson

Marquis of Calatrava
Steven Gallop
Nicole Youl
Don Carlo
Michael Lewis
Don Alvaro
Rosario La Spina
Kate Bright
Milijana Nikolic
David Parkin
Maestro Trabuco
Bernard Hull
Patre Guardiano
Pelham Andrews
Fre Mellitone
John Bolton Wood
Jeremy Tatchell

State Opera Chorus
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra