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The Flying Dutchman

“Praise Your Angel And His Edict! Here I Stand, True To You Unto Death!”

Festival Theatre

07 Nov - 14 Nov 2009

The Flying Dutchman is an extraordinary collision of different realms: Erik’s nightmare of Senta’s visions of the Dutchman’s curse; Daland and his men sheltering from the storm within sight of home; the Steersman singing into the inky darkness conjuring the memory of his sweetheart; the women of the village spinning their desires for the safe return of their absent husbands and boyfriends. The cycle of images builds throughout the opera with increasing force, to coalesce in the final moments, realizing Wagner’s great theme of redemption through love.


This is a very strong production and certainly the best of the year from the State Opera.

Arts Hub Edward Joyner

Nicholas Braithwaite
Chris Drummond
Set Design
Geoff Cobham
Lighting Designer
Geoff Cobham
Costume Design
Michael A R Anderson
Assistant Director
David Lampard

The Dutchman
John Wegner
Margaret Medlyn
Stuart Skelton
Daniel Sumegi
Katharine Tier
Angus Wood

State Opera Chorus
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Helpmann Nomination
Best Direction of an Opera- Chris Drummond
Helpmann Nomination
Best Male Performer in a Supporting Role in an Opera- Stuart Skelton
Helpmann Nomination
Best Male Performer in an Opera- John Wegner
Helpmann Nomination
Best Lighting Design- Geoff Cobham