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Go backstage and into the green rooms as Thomas Edmonds’memoir sings you through a life well-lived. He introduces us to the characters from opera, fellow artists, conductors and directors; friendships, egos, mishaps and occasional mayhem from falling props.

 Ev’ry Valley is the story of a farm boy who grew up in humble circumstances and who became one of Australia’s finest singers. After he won the national TV talent quest Showcase he left behind his career as a school teacher and became a professional singer covering a wide field of performance. In this book he talks with verve, humour and gratefulness about his early years and of the pleasure (and sometimes the pain) of his profession as a singer.

This memoir which, as Peter Tillett says in his introduction, “should provide advice and an example for anyone aspiring to an artistic career”, is a riveting, extraordinary story for any reader, of the ninety-year journey of a remarkable South Australian, Thomas Edmonds AM.

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