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A Natural Talent

Turning passion into a full time job

Baritone, Morgan Pearse found his passion for opera through his obsession with classic recordings. When he discovered his natural talent for singing, he slowly turned this passion into a full-time job.

Now based in London, Morgan is making his mark in both hemispheres. He completed the renowned Houston Grand Opera studio programme in 2014/15 and made his professional début with English National Opera in 2015/16 singing Figaro in The Barber of Seville.


“Opera singers, and the business itself, it’s completely crazy: travel, numerous languages, meeting new colleagues constantly. you’ve got to have a zest for the job and i’m totally hooked.”


What inspired you to pursue a career in opera?

What inspired me were other singers. I’m an obsessive listener to classic recordings and, that was the original ‘hook’. As I found out I could sing naturally, the success urged me on to the point I now get to do this rather insane job full time.

How did you get a foot in the door?

It’s difficult to focus on a single important event that got my foot in the door…meeting my singing teacher in London, Russell Smythe, whilst at the Royal College of Music was instrumental in helping me understand how to sing, particularly extending my upper range. I also wouldn’t be where I was with the support of my family and my other half who somehow still feel like they’re there all the time, despite living on the other side of the world from me in London.

What do you love most about your job?
I absolutely adore putting myself into character. Weather recital, concert or opera, this job lets you explore characters entirely outside of your own personal experiences as well as things closer to home. Often this process of exploration of the characters you’re playing creates moments of self-reflection that keep me coming back for more every day.

Is there anything different about your job to what people might imagine?
Yes. Of course. I always get told, “it must be great to do something you love”. The reality is the job of an emerging artist like myself is hard and there are a lot of challenges you probably aren’t all that aware of from the audience side. You have to maintain a glamorous exterior but often your schedule is gruelling with a whole host of rehearsals, music calls, costume fittings, travel (on Ryanair…) and you find it impossible to have a conventional home life. One of the of this though is that practically all opera singers absolutely adore getting to know locals wherever we are so, just come say hi and take us out for a drink and I guarantee you have a friend for life!

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