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George Palmer


“The River Is Full Of Sky. There Are Stars And Swirl And Space Down There”

Her Majesty's Theatre

12 May - 21 May 2016

Cloudstreet, based on a novel by the same name written in 1991 by Tim Winton. It tells the story of two families from working-class backgrounds, the Pickles and the Lambs who happen to live together in a house in Perth, called Cloudstreet, over a period of twenty years. Performed its premiere at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2016 presented by State Opera South Australia in association with the Adelaide Festival Centre.


"There was never a dull moment throughout the premiere, thanks to a stellar cast that captivated and excelled at every turn."

Limelight Dylan Henderson

"It tells a quintessentially Australian story, one with undoubted universal appeal."

The Australian Book Review Michael Halliwell

"Cloudstreet is a genuine ensemble production, and the acting and singing of the entire cast is world-class. Edwards has made the most of each performer’s talent to bring Winton’s complex characters to life."

InDaily Greg Elliott

Timothy Sexton
Gale Edwards
Set Design
Victoria Lamb
Costume Design
Ailsa Paterson
Lighting Designer
Nigel Levings
Video Design
Craig Williams
Jane Rossetto
Assistant Director
Indigenous Movement Coordinator/Cultural Consultant
Nikki Ashby

Lester Lamb
Pelham Andrews
Oriel Lamb
Antoinette Halloran
Quick Lamb
Nicholas Cannon
Fish Lamb
Nicholas Jones
Sam Pickle
Barry Ryan
Dolly Pickle
Joanna McWaters
Rose Pickle
Desiree Frahn
Hattie Lamb/Mrs Clay
Kristen Hardy
Red Lamb
Courtney Turner
Lon Lamb
Ben Francis
Elaine Lamb
Karina Jay
Ted Pickles
Hew Wagner
Chub Pickles
Beau Sandford
Bob Crab
Don Bemrose
Pilot/Gerry Clay/Toby
Jeremy Kleeman
Spirit Girls
Kirsty Williams, Natasha Wanganeen, Lilla Berry

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra