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Why I love living in Blackwood

The star of Cunning Little Vixen, Desiree Frahn tells us what she loves most about living in Blackwood, South Australia.

  1. When did you move to the suburb and why?

I moved to Blackwood late in 2008. My husband and I were about to get married and were keeping an eye on the market in the hopes we might get lucky and find our dream family home in the area we preferred most.

  1. What do you like most about living there?

The big winners are definitely the sense of community and the closeness to nature. There’s a thriving, artistic atmosphere in town or you can make a quick getaway next door to the peace and tranquility of the National Park.

  1. What do you enjoy doing on the weekend in your area?

Bush walks! There are so many great bush walks close by which are beautiful no matter the weather. The views are amazing and the wildlife abundant.

  1. What is your favourite café?

Joan’s Pantry across the train line in Hawthorndene. It’s been around since 1920 and recent renovations managed kept the historic feel while bringing the modern schmickness. Beautiful settings inside and out, tip top coffee, great wine selection and the most delicious food all day!

  1. What is your favourite shop?

Habitat. Eclectic combination of homewares, art, jewellery, clothing, books – often supporting local artists. You never know what you might find, but you do know it will be something interesting.

  1. What is your fondest memory of living in the area?

Aside from the dozens and dozens of blissful sunset and rises watched over the valley with a coffee… The day we inspected our house was wet and dreary, but Blackwood smelled amazing and as we came around the corner the sun broke through the clouds, sparking a double rainbow, and we thought – yep that’s Blackwood for you.

  1. Your favourite ‘landmark’ in the area?

It’s not quite a landmark, rather a phenomenon. From time to time Blackwood is periodically “gnomed”. You wake up one morning and find bright, colourful gnomes proudly on display in prominent but extremely difficult to reach places around the main town centre!

8. What is the best thing your suburb offers?

Bushland setting and laid back life style. Blackwood is the perfect place to tuck yourself away in and recharge.

  1. Why do you love where you live?

I love being a short drive from McLaren Vale and 30 minutes from the beach and the city, yet being able to come home to my own little paradise of serene greenery after each adventure, in a warm and vibrant community.


Blackwood Playlist

Waltz for Beatrix – Andy Salvanos

Was captivated by this guys music when he was busking in Rundle Mall, not long after we moved in. Found out years later he lives in Glenalta!

Perfect Day – Miriam Stockley

This one feels like Blackwood after a rainstorm.

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

Part of my upbeat running playlist, pounding the pavement through town!

Indiana Jones Theme – John Williams

Because it always feels like an adventure driving out of the city and up the hill.

From Past to Present – Jeremy Soule

This piece, and the rest of the soundtrack, are my go to for bringing the atmosphere of our little local valley into my home.