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It’s all fun and games… until love comes along

State Opera’s new production of La Traviata , co-presented with Opera Queensland and West Australian Opera, will bring some old school glamour back to Adelaide when it opens in August. This romantic and heartbreaking tale of courtesan Violetta and her forbidden love for aristocrat Alfredo is one of the great operas of all time. Passionate performances, stunning costumes, and the magnificent music of Verdi are surely reasons enough. But if you need persuasion, here are six more reasons to check out this incredible opera!

#1 It’s the most performed opera in the world

This season alone there have been 164 productions of La Traviata performed in major opera houses all around the world. LISTEN TO THE HIGHLIGHTS

#2 Grand opera at its finest

You thought La Bohème was big? This has everything you could ask for – romance, glamour, big party scenes, and intimate moments. A full chorus and symphony orchestra, fabulous frocks and dazzling vocal stunts.. and the ending will have you reaching for a tissue.

#3 You’ll recognise the music

The music of Traviata litters the corridors of pop culture. We bet you’ve heard some of the famous arias in countless commercials, TV shows, and movies. Also, the classic story has served as the inspiration for a number of modern adaptations like Moulin Rouge! and Pretty Woman. READ MORE

#4 A timeless story through a woman’s eye

The tragic story of two people who love each other and the society that comes between has inspired many great works of art. It is deeply human and relatable to all walks of life. This brand-new co-production with Opera Queensland and West Australian Opera brings something very exciting to the mix – director Sarah Giles examines the story of Violetta and Alfredo through the lens of the woman.

#5 Hear what the rest of the world is raving about

Verdi’s score needs some pretty special singers to bring it to life. Internationally acclaimed young Australian soprano Lauren Fagan stars as Violetta for her national operatic debut, alongside rising tenor star Kang Wang as Alfredo. READ THE INTERVIEW

#6 Frock up or rock up

Is that beautiful gown (or suit) in the back of your closet just collecting dust? Dressing up is not compulsory of course, but if you’re looking for an occasion, this is it.

Grab your partner, mum or bestie and take them on an opera date… Or just come as you are!